Stewardship and Church Income

The ever-present task of raising the necessary income to meet the growing costs of running the church and its ministry needs to be managed and to this end, the PCC has established a number of sub-committees to oversee this function. The Tetbury PCC was one of the first in the Gloucester Diocese to establish a Parish Giving Scheme which enables the PCC to get regular givers to set up collection of donations each month and to receive the full benefit of not only the donation but also the tax recovered under gift aid each month. The scheme has now been in use for three years and plans are in hand to give it further publicity in the near future. The Friends of St Mary’s also uses an annual subscription to encourage regular giving to support the church fabric – last year, we ran two events in the church specially designed to increase the number of ‘Friends’ that are committed to regular and planned giving and these will be repeated this year. The social committee organises a series of fund raising events during the year including Quiz Nights, the Church Summer Fete, and a Christmas Fayre all of which contribute to the income stream for the PCC.

The Parish Share and other Major Expenses

The parish share constitutes one of the major expenses for the parish – for 2013 it amounts to £41,644. This, together with the insurance of the church building and heating/energy costs, amount to nearly £5000 per month. It is important therefore that the PCC manages the parish finances with extreme care.

Planned Capital Expenditure

Following last year’s appeal for funds to complete the restoration of the East Window for which over £40,000 was raised, there remain other areas of the church fabric that require attention and the Fabric committee has prepared a schedule for consideration by the PCC for the coming year. Whilst much of this expenditure will be met from the fabric fund, we must take action to prevent the undue diminution of the fund in the future.


Whilst some stability has been achieved in stemming the outflow of funds, the PCC can meet the current level of demand with the current income flow from all sources but there is little room for optimism that the current state of the church finances will improve appreciably in the foreseeable future.