Servers and Acolytes

We have a team of servers and acolytes who assist the priest at the Parish Communion service each Sunday morning, and at other services throughout the year. They play an important role, and help to ensure the smooth running and dignity of each service.

The servers at St Marys' currently perform three roles:

  • The Crucifer who leads the sanctuary party in procession, and is in attendance during the reading of the gospel.
  • Acolytes who process with the crucifer and light the way with their candles.
  • The "Master of Ceremonies" who assists the priest in the sanctuary and helps to prepare the altar for communion.

All servers and acolytes are ordinary members of the congregation who volunteer to perform their duties once or twice a month. We are always looking for willing additions to our team, and we can provide full training on the various tasks that we perform. If you would like to join us and see what the congregation looks like from behind the altar (you get a very good view of all the different ladies' hats, and you can easily see what fashions are in-season), and more importantly add to your own experience of faith and service in the church, please contact the parish office or send an email to